The 4 Major Benefits of Responsive Web Design

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The 4 Major Benefits of Responsive Web Design

“Responsive web design is THE single solution that solves today’s problem of many countless devices with many different form factors.”

Is your website responsive? It better be!

If your site isn’t responsive, you better make it responsive and do so quickly. The benefits outweigh the cost to redesign a website so much that it is almost moot to even question the redesign. With a plethora of devices and screen resolutions, it is important to not multiply versions covering different devices, but rather create a single version that responds to the device and renders optimally.

Responsive web design is THE single solution that can solve today’s problem of many countless devices with many different form factors.

Responsive Matters

Research from Adobe shows that 55% of marketers rank mobile as the biggest driver of change in marketing. Marketers view smartphones (96%) and tablets (87%) as the most important devices to solve for today in terms of reaching customers. Marketers also believe they need to optimize marketing content for more than double the number of devices today than three years ago (3 devices three years ago vs 7 devices today).

Think about it this way, the quality of the mobile experience is more important than that on a desktop because there’s no room for error or waste. If a potential customer is nearby your place of business and wants to look you up but can’t because your website doesn’t function on her mobile device, she will pass you up and go to your competitor down the block because they have a responsive site. Think about how frustrating it is to try to pull up a website, only to be greeted with tiny copy and a horrible layout. This is a strong signal to your customers that your business is behind the times and outdated. Customer expectations are so high on mobile devices, there’s little room for error.

The 4 Major Benefits of Responsive Web Design

Aviator Marketing designs websites with the user experience in mind

User Experience

Moving through the customer journey from device to device is made significantly easier by consistent navigation, structure and design.

Aviator Marketing develops scalable and versatile websites for clients in Tampa Florida

Scalability & Versatility

Because the design basically exists independently of the device, it’s not as vulnerable to new technologies and can scale easily.

Aviator Marketing provides search engine optimization and responsive web design in Tampa Florida

Development & Maintenance

Everything you need from design to content is contained in the same package, so initial development and revisions can be streamlined.

Aviator Marketing provides responsive web development and maintenance to small businesses in Tampa Florida


Because you have only one site across all devices, you can benefit from good search engine optimization (SEO). As of April 2015, SEO gains even more importance, because Google announced that it is now ranking sites according to how mobile friendly they are. This change has a significant impact on search results.

Responsive Design Challenges

According to a recent study, It takes IT 25-50% longer to develop responsive web design as compared to desktop design. 53% of businesses complain they didn’t have enough resources to effectively optimize their mobile web presence.

Aviator Marketing Executes Responsive Web Design

We understand the importance of responsive web design and incorporate best practices into each and every one of our websites. If you need a redesign or a brand new responsive website, give us a call.

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