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Aviator Marketing provides full-service strategic marketing solutions to small businesses

Aviator Marketing provides affordable strategic marketing solutions in Tampa

Aviator Marketing begins with market research to understand your business, industry, competitors, and target audience. We then analyze your business to identify your core customers, what their buying behaviors are, where they are, and why they buy from you.

We then perform an internal analysis on your company in order to determine your competitive advantage. If no competitive advantage is found, we work with you to strategize the development of one.

Finally, we create a plan to exploit your competitive advantage in the markets you operate in, allocating appropriate resources to execute and succeed. Count on Aviator Marketing for strategic Tampa Bay marketing solutions.

Aviator Marketing provides full-service strategic marketing solutions to small businesses
Aviator Marketing provides industry definition to small businesses in Tampa

Industry Definition

Do you truly know what industry you are in? What defines an industry? Aviator Marketing believes that an industry is not defined by the goods or services it produces, but rather by the customers that it satisfies. Your industry begins with the customer and his or her needs, rather than the goods you produce or services you render. Aviator Marketing will help you truly define your industry, which will help guide future business decision-making.

Aviator Marketing provides problem definition to small businesses in Tampa

Problem Definition

Proper decision-making for small businesses is extremely paramount due to the organization’s limited resources. Poor decisions lead to wasted resources and can sometimes lead to ultimate failure. Many entrepreneurs may think they understand their problem but they are really only defining a symptom. Without properly defining the true root of the problem, any resources spent on alleviating that problem are wasted. Aviator Marketing understands how to define an organization’s true problem, and make the proper recommendations to solve it.

Aviator Marketing provides growth strategies to small businesses in Tampa

Growth Strategies

Determining the proper growth strategy for a small business is a daunting task, the wrong strategy can waste time and valuable limited resources. In order for you to formulate a proper growth strategy, you must be skilled in research with have access to professional-level business databases, and be able to connect the dots where none are visibly apparent. Aviator Marketing is qualified and skilled in formulating successful growth strategies for small businesses. We have access to industry standard business databases that are required in order to properly vet the enormity of growth opportunities available. Contact us today.  

Aviator Marketing provides innovation strategies to small businesses in Tampa

Innovation Strategies

Focusing on customer needs can lead to dramatic innovations and rapid business growth. Firms today, more than ever, face continuous threats from highly innovative firms looking to disrupt and steal market share. This is why it is imperative that organizations take a strong position on innovation now, in order to prevent losing market in the future. All organizations and firms have opportunities to innovate. What lacks is the comprehensive imagination, the ability to take an outside look at the organization, look beyond the industry it operates in, and see the bigger picture. Comprehensive imagination allows firms to extend their reach, protect themselves from competition, and develop a sustainable competitive advantage. Aviator Marketing understands this concept very well and will be your unbiased, outside partner to help your firm innovate to protect itself and provide new growth opportunities.   

Aviator Marketing provides customer value enhancement strategies to small businesses in Tampa

Customer Value Enhancement Strategies

Enhancing the value your customers receive from your product or service will cultivate loyal customers, extending their lifetime value and making them willing to pay a premium for your products or services. Enhancing your customer value is a surefire way to build a competitive edge and protect yourself from the competition. Many times, enhancing customer value can be done with relatively little investment, simple programs and improvements can make all the difference for your customers. Aviator Marketing can develop value enhancing strategies for your business that will excite your customers, thereby cultivating long-term relationships that increase cash flow and help to grow your business.

Aviator Marketing provides touch-point analysis to small businesses in Tampa

Touch-Point Analysis

For service based firms, in order to innovate, they must focus on “process innovation,” “performance innovation,” or “experience innovation.” Touch-point analysis is a process whereby Aviator Marketing attempts to understand the customer outcome and customer process, the way the customer experience unfolds over time through interactions at the firm’s many different touch-points. We then provide recommendations in order to deliver a well-designed service that is pleasing to experience in order to provide the firm with a key point of differentiation from competitors.

Aviator Marketing provides content marketing solutions to small businesses

Aviator Marketing provides customer-cultivating content marketing solutions for small businesses in Tampa

In order to compete you must focus on maximizing customer lifetime value rather than focus on driving transactions. You must focus on the long-term customer relationship. This is where your content marketing strategy comes into play. In order to cultivate customers your marketing should be organized to serve customers and customer segments rather than push your products or services and your brand.

Aviator Marketing will develop your content marketing strategy to attract and retain customers by consistently creating and curating relevant and valuable content with the intention of changing or enhancing consumer behavior. It is an ongoing process that is best integrated into your overall marketing strategy, and it focuses on owning media, not renting it.

Aviator Marketing will develop a content marketing strategy for proper communication that is two-way and individualized, or at the very least tightly integrated at thinly sliced segments. By doing so, you create a strong culture around your brand, giving your business the brand equity that extends the lifetime value of your customers. Count on Aviator Marketing to provide affordable content marketing solutions in Tampa Bay.

Aviator Marketing provides content marketing solutions to small businesses
Aviator Marketing provides market research solutions to small businesses

Aviator Marketing executes highly insightful market research studies for small businesses in Tampa Bay

Market research is extremely important step for all businesses as, amongst other things, it helps you understand whether your offering is likely to generate demand. It will also help you develop a clear sense of who your customers are. Market research studies performed by Aviator Marketing can help to answer some or all of the following questions.

  • Where are these customers?
  • How many customers are there?
  • What do they require from your product or service?
  • How you intend to reach them?

Aviator Marketing can execute market research studies to find out where your customers are located geographically, and how many there are. This information is extremely valuable for small businesses as the core group of customers served tends to be geographically close. For companies with a wide reach, where geography does not play such a large factor, knowing the approximate number of potential customers will solve many problems and answer questions regarding potential demand. In order to build a successful brand and delight your customers, you need to know the specific features and benefits they require from your product or service.

Once you know that information, you can build your brand specifically around your customers so that they build an affinity towards your brand and stay with you for their entire lives. But that is only one part of the solution to success. Entrepreneurs must also explore how their customers like to be marketed to, and what interests them. Where do they spend their time? Where do they go for news? Entertainment? Take a mental break? This information is extremely important because it tells you which channels to distribute your marketing messages to. Contact us and lets start a conversation about how Aviator Marketing can help answer these questions for your business.

Aviator Marketing provides market research solutions to small businesses
Aviator Marketing provides business plan development to small businesses

Aviator Marketing creates investor-friendly business plans for small businesses in Tampa

Successful entrepreneurs know that you need a business plan to guide future decisions, sell your ideas to investors, and help you manage growth effectively. Aviator Marketing knows how to take a hard look at each element in a business plan and then communicate the right message to the right people to maximize the chances of launching and succeeding in your business venture. Every business needs a business plan, a plan to meet the expected and unexpected opportunities and obstacles the future holds.

Every business—whether it’s a start-up company, an expansion of an existing firm, a spin-off from a parent corporation, or even a project within a company’s strategic marketing or new products department—needs a guide to navigate successfully through its own unique competitive environment. A business plan is not simply a document that’s written quickly, passed around once, and then relegated to some dusty shelf. It is the go-to document you keep close to your chest when you need to make a difficult business decision.

Preparing a business plan is an intensely focused activity that Aviator Marketing can execute with great precision. It’s an activity that requires honest thinking about your business concept, the business opportunity, the competitive landscape, the keys to success, and the people who will be involved. Our analysis results in questions that you did not think to answer, resulting in an Aviator Marketing business plan that is complete, vetted, and fully-explored .

Aviator Marketing provides business plan development to small businesses