6 Fundamentals for improving brand experience using social media

According to Nielsen’s 2015 Social Media Report, nearly half of U.S. consumers use social media to share their experiences interacting with brands. Here are 6 fundamentals we feel brands should focus on to improve their brand experience when using social media for customer service.

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6 Important Rules for Providing Outstanding Customer Service using Social Media

Know Where Your Customers Are

Conduct research, create surveys, find out where your current and potential customers are talking about you. This will help you determine where and when to focus your resources.

Speed Is Critical

People don’t like to be ignored, they want immediate answers. The response team has to be quick. The faster the response, the happier your customers will be.

Tune Your Voice

Brand tone is highly important when communicating with your audience, one mistaken remark could cost you. Employees have to be trained to understand how to calmly interact with postive and negative feedback alike.

Transparent Conversation

Relationships are a two way street. Unsatisfied customers want to be heard, and if a company listens and responds thoughtfully, customers will feel important and trust will be built.

Eliminate Redundancy

Social media is a highly convenient channel for angry voices to be heard. Employees should avoid redirecting customer complaints to other departments. Upset customers aren’t known to be patient.

Returning Gratitude

Supportive customers are a valuable asset. Thank or reward them for their efforts in sharing their love of your brand. In return, you will inspire more followers, increase brand preference and increase brand loyalty.

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