How to boost SEO with content marketing and social media marketing

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Have you ever wondered if you could improve your SERPs by using social media and/or content marketing? Are you daunted by the fact that you have no clue how to rank your website? Well worry no longer because I’m going to show you how it’s done. Google is constantly changing its search algorithm but over the past few years one thing has remained the same, content is king. By creating relevant and valuable content, posting it and sharing it across Google+, Twitter, and Facebook, you can actually affect your websites SERP. And I’m going to show you how with this Aviator Marketing SEO infographic. These 5 simple ideas will help you create better content, and distribute it so that Google considers you and your website an authority in your space.

How to boost SEO using content marketing and social media marketing

Google Uses Twitter To Find Content

Google looks to Twitter to find hot & trending content. If your content is getting retweeted, if people are tweeting your content, and if this all happens in a condensed timespan, you will be rewarded with points toward your SEO ranking. Content indexation is important for SEO because the faster you can get your content indexed, the faster you’ll get rewarded through organic traffic to your site.

Social Shares Now Build Links

Another factor contributing to high ranks on Google is the number linkbacks your website receives. Unfortunately, linkbacks can be faked by unscrupulous internet marketers. Google has recently changed its linkback policy to now look to social signals like Facebook posts, LinkedIn posts, Tweets, & +1s as a way to stop unethical link building practices. Focus on social media engagement and Google will reward you with high SEO points.

Social Media Influence Boosts Authority

Google wants to provide value to its users. So naturally, it wants to provide high ranking to only the credible websites. Google uses relevance, reach and resonance to determine your influence. Are you an influencer? Ask yourself, Is my content relevant to my brand? How many people am I able to reach? Are the people who are engaging with my content valuable to me? i.e. Are they influential bloggers & brands themselves.

Google Loves Google+ (Duh)

Even though you personally don’t spend much time on Google+, your business better be. Obviously a factor for SEO will be your presence on Google+. You need to be spending at least 30 minutes a day on Google+ posting, engaging and interacting. You’ll want to be posting your SEO content on Google+ as a sign to Google that is the content you want it to rank you for.

SEO Isn’t Technical, Content Is King

Content is King. Google loves to provide value. It wants to remain the leader in search. So it only ranks high-quality content for its users. This means that almost anyone can become great at SEO, with the right strategy of course. Google wants to see the content that you are sharing, instead of how many keywords you can fit on a page. The technical stuff does matter, such as keyword location in your H1, URL, meta description, and title tag. But its more important to answer questions that people are asking with those keywords. Don’t just use a keyword, instead ask a question with the keyword in it. This will get people engaged, and get Google ranking you King of Content.

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