Stageworks 2016-17 Season

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Psycho Beach Party by Charles Busch Beach Blanket Bingo meets Sybil. Chicklet Forrest just wants to fit in with Starcat, Yo-Yo and the other kids at the beach, but her alternate personalities have other ideas. Grab your sunscreen and get ready for a camptastic day at the beach! The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity [...]

How to boost SEO with content marketing and social media marketing

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Hey guys, Brian here. Have you ever wondered if you could improve your SERPs by using social media and/or content marketing? Are you daunted by the fact that you have no clue how to rank your website? Well worry no longer because I'm going to show you how it's done. Google is constantly changing its [...]

7 Twitter for Business Basics

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Hey Guys, Brian here. I've created this infographic to highlight 7 basic principles you must follow when first starting out marketing your business on Twitter. 1. Lay Down the Groundwork Hone your Twitter profile in every detail. It is important that your Twitter presence have the same brand tone, [...]

6 Fundamentals for improving brand experience using social media

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According to Nielsen's 2015 Social Media Report, nearly half of U.S. consumers use social media to share their experiences interacting with brands. Here are 6 fundamentals we feel brands should focus on to improve their brand experience when using social media for customer service. Aviator Marketing in Tampa can provide a brand experience analysis for [...]

10 Facts to Help You Market Better on LinkedIn

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In this Aviator Marketing blog post, we take you through 10 quick numbers to help you understand the world's largest professional social network. By understanding who is on LinkedIn, you can target your message and tailor your marketing approach to the precise wants and needs of the users, thereby increasing your chances of closing that [...]

The 4 Major Benefits of Responsive Web Design

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The 4 Major Benefits of Responsive Web Design "Responsive web design is THE single solution that solves today’s problem of many countless devices with many different form factors." Is your website responsive? It better be! If your site isn’t responsive, you better make it responsive and [...]